9.9hp MH & MLH Four Stroke

22 March 2022
9.9hp MH & MLH Four Stroke

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Don’t miss out on this 9.9hp MH & MLH Four Stroke for just a stunning $3199. Grab this amazing offer while it’s available.

Still, the lightest engines in this class, Mercury 9.9 hp FourStroke outboards feature an Exclusive Multi-function Tiller handle that puts control of throttling, shifting, steering and tilting in the palm of your hand. Designed for Heavier Boats that you need more thrust for control is the 9.9 hp Command Thrust Model which features a heavy-duty gear case, with a lower gear ratio that swings a bigger prop for more forward & reverse thrust improving hull control & performance

Promotional pricing is for a limited time only, talk to your participating dealer. T&Cs Apply.