Radica Kneeboard

Stable, predictable ride for kids
The Radica is the perfect board for teaching kids. Combining a beveled edge with cupped, quad molded fins, this board delivers unrivaled stability to build the rider’s confidence and make them immediately feel comfortable on the water. To further assist in the learning process, the Radica features an Aquatic Hook to simplify deep-water starts and eliminate any frustration in learning to get up. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.


Roto-Molded – Durable, buoyant, and easy to learn on
Quad Molded Fins – Enhance the boards tracking for added control
Integrated Aquatic Hook – Make it easy to get up the first time and every time
Variable Beveled Edge
3/4″ EVA Pad
3″ Padded Strap

Price: $319.00

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