Be Aware of New Navigation Safety Bylaws

12 January 2016

Life jackets are compulsory 

Every person in board a craft that is 6 metres or more in length must wear a properly secured flotation device in circumstances where tides, river flows, visibility, rough seas, adverse weather, emergencies or other situations present an increased risk to the safety of person on board…..See us at Marine South for our high visibility life jackets.

VHF Radios are compulsory

All skippers have a responsibility to ensure that their boat is seaworthy (“seaworthy” means being in a fit condition or readiness to safely operate on the water) and well equipped. Beyond that a boatie, no matter how many years they have enjoyed boating, will always benefit from training. Marine South urges all boaties to complete boating courses. To register for VHF Radio Operator, Day Skipper, BoatMaster & GPS Operator Courses, email