Winterization of your Boat

09 March 2021

If your boat will be out of commission over the winter months, it’s important to winterize your much loved sea rider. Winter months are easily the most damaging to your boat and engine, so, to ensure your vessel emerges from hibernation in tip top shape, you’ll need to prepare it for the cooler elements ahead.

During the chilly months water can freeze and expand, causing damage to everything inside your engine.

Exhaust manifolds can crack, the engine block itself can crack and split open (this is a very costly repair process). Dirty oil contains acidic contaminants and salt water can cause a host of issues with corrosion to the parts inside your engine. Fuel degrades over time, it can absorb water and become unstabilised – causing difficulty starting and running your engine. Water left in hoses can lead to burst lines. Mold, mildew and dirt harvest their own issues too.

The good news is…. most of these issues can be avoided by ‘Winterizing’ your boat properly.

Getting ready for winter’s icy grip is more than sloshing in some fuel stabilizer, adding antifreeze, throwing on a cover and closing the garage door. Putting your boat to sleep is certainly something to take seriously.

Get in touch with us to book your boat in for Winterization.

” Hybernation mode…. Activated “